Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014~Week 46

Heading out to my delayed plane at PDX in Portland...it feels old school to walk out to the plane :)
Arrival at SNOWY DIA in Denver!!!
My flight to Grand Junction was cancelled!  I got a flight in the morning but waited on standby for an early evening flight...
Didn't get the flight...so...I got a hotel room about 15 min from the airport.  It was CRAZY COLD...close to ZERO!  I've never slept in a hotel room by myself before.  It was weird but I was exhausted after a rough night sleep previous, and a long day spent in airports...so I showered and went to sleep.  Didn't sleep well and woke up at 5am to catch a shuttle back to the airport...but at least I rested!
Thursday morning in Denver...sunny skies...I was so thankful to be going HOME!!!
Desi and the 3 younger kiddos picked me up in Grand Junction (about 70 miles from our house in New Castle).  We walked around Cabela's and the mall and got some lunch before heading home.
It was sunny and dry in Grand Junction...somewhere between Parachute and West Rifle, the snow started falling.  Unfortunately just as Desi started to decrease his speed, we slipped around some and slid off the freeway but thankfully our car was fine and we were fine.  Man, it's crazy how slick the roads can get.  We drove the rest of the way home very slowly.  Super scary.  We are so thankful God protected us!!
Stocking up on firewood once we got home.  This was our first big snow of the season!  We got at least 4 or 5 inches.
We took a snow day on Friday in honor of the first snowfall and my sheer exhaustion!  I took the day to do laundry and catch up on all sorts of things.
Took Peterbilt on a nice walk :)
Snow makes everything so pretty!
Emma, Levi and Owen rolled three of these huge snowball things:
On Friday night Desi and I took Hope to see Les Mis.  My mom met us there and we all enjoyed the wonderful performances!  It was truly impressive!!  Community theater is such a treat.  Hope is determined to be in a production of Les Mis someday :)
We got a text from Desi's mom saying that his dad had such a bad headache that they were going to the ER...which worried us so we began to pray...
Desi and I took a cold 4 mile walk on Saturday...walked on one of the 3 new pedestrian bridges just as it began snowing...so we ran home!
More snow = happy kids!
On Saturday morning we heard from Desi's mom that his dad had gone through some testing and had been transferred to a hospital in Fontana due to a mass that had been found in his frontal lobe. Naturally we were very concerned and Desi quickly began to make plans to fly out to CA to be with his parents.  Des Sr. got meds and began to do better by Sunday.  Desi left Sunday morning and flew out of Grand Junction.  I took a long walk to take time to pray and work off some stress.
Desi got to the hospital by Sunday afternoon and the photos below are from Monday I think...Des's brain scan showed a 4 cm mass...
The smaller bright spot is the mass, the larger area is the swelling...
The kids and I made cards for Des that Desi delivered to his dad:
A happy Des, pain free and waiting to learn more about the brain surgery he needs:
We are thankful for how easy it is to stay in touch these days!!!  The kids and I miss Desi but home is the best place for us.  Back to school and as much of a normal routine as we can muster.  Levi and Emma got into making armor this week...so fun!
The only tv show we watch is The Voice...it's something to look forward to on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Tonight I had a sweet kitty on my lap :)  So cozy!
The kids and I are doing well.  We've got lots of support here and are encouraged by all the love and prayers and support shown on Facebook.  Desi's sister is updating once or twice a day and we've got people all over the place praying for Des.  Below you will find some of Shannon's updates:

Update 11/17 at 9:30pm
We met with my dad's Desmond Martin Starr surgeon today, who is the head of the neurosurgery department, and he gave us more of an idea about the tumor itself and what to expect during the surgery.
Most likely the surgery will be on Thursday. This will give time for some swelling to go down to allow for a safer surgery. We don't know what time yet so we will post about that later.
The tumor is on the left side of the brain behind his eye and pressing on the speech center. The doctor said the tumor happens to be in a very sensitive area so he will need to be cautious with how much of the tumor to remove while trying to be as safe as possible for normal speech, motor and cognitive functions.
Please pray for these specifics:
1. The swelling to go down before surgery
2. Dr. Goldenberg to have wisdom in all his decisions before and during surgery.
3. That it is non-cancerous
4. For our entire family to have rest and peace that surpasses all understanding
Thank you for your prayers and support!!!! We are so appreciative of everyone loving us through this. We are doing well, however, this new information was a lot to take in. We are leaning on Jesus our Rock and the Mighty Physician.

Update 11/18 at 8:30pm
We found out today that Desmond Martin Starr is supposed to be prepped for surgery on Thursday at 11am. The actual surgery should take 3-4 hours, but the whole process will be around 7 hours.
Thank you for continuing to pray for us. My dad had a good day today and was so blessed to get the cards and banner that the kids at Calvary Murrieta Christian School made for him. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support!! Please keep praying.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014~Week 45

Sad dog not allowed on the couch! Man, he is cute but he sheds a lot!
Desi drove me to the airport in Grand Junction last Saturday to drop me off.  I got to go to Oregon for 5 days to visit our friends the Rants.  Shannon had her 2nd baby about 3 months ago and I was eager to meet him and see there new home and enjoy some time away.  I wished Desi was coming with me!  That would have made it even better :)
Flying into Portland...so beautiful!  I think that is Mt. Hood???
Oregon is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Huge trees and so much COLOR!
And the MOSS!!!!  How FUN!  It grows all over the place :)
The Rants took me to breakfast at Jam on Hawthorne in Portland on Sunday.  The line was so long (hello city life) that we at at noon. Thankfully there was a bakery across the street where we got a snack and waited out of the rain.
Goodies at the bakery!
Chai with my best friend!!
Breakfast at lunch time in Jam.  Brian got what I can only call a MANmosa.  :)
A peek at the many bridges and buildings in Portland.  I wish we had more time to explore the city but with a 3 month old and a 3 year old, that was not in the cards.  I have a feeling I'll be back someday with Desi though.
Flowers!  Still blooming happily in November!
A goofy church sign in the Rants' neighborhood...the pastor's photo is as big as the door!
A rainbow of autumn colors:
Noah and I bonded right away :)
On Monday we headed to Damascus to visit my friend Erica's coffee shop.  It was so lovely and she made me the best egg nog latte ever!
Lunch in Gresham at a Lebanese place...oh my sweet taste buds!  It was DELISH!
Seriously?!  I could drive all day in this!!!
Final destination on Monday: Multnomah Falls!!!  This is Oregon's tallest waterfall (really 2) at 620ft.
The trees wear green sweaters in Oregon!
Ferns and Moss and Green...Oh MY!
We hiked up to the bridge...lots of people so it was fun to people watch.
Shannon and I continued the hike...all the way to the top!!  620 feet!  Brian and the boys came part of the way but turned around...which was a good idea.  It was decently intense...11 or so switchbacks on a trail that got skinny and muddy at the end.  Shannon and I were rewarded with a spectacular view of the Columbia River valley.
That river is HUGE!!!  Makes our little Colorado River seem PUNY.  ha ha!  When I flew into Portland there were BARGES with shipping containers traveling up and down.  Man, I didn't realize how huge rivers on the ocean coasts can be.  So cool.
Playing with Elijah :)
It has been such a huge blessing to come visit the Rants family.  They were such a huge part of our lives in Denver and we have many fond memories with them.  Even though we live far away, we remain very close and are so thankful for the years we had together in Denver.

Desi and the kids are doing well with my absence...count chocula for dinner and other fun treats.  "Dad time is different" as our friend Andy says!  ha ha!  I miss them and look forward to going home to them tomorrow!