Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014~Week 50

We love when the animals all pile around the fireplace!  It's so cozy :)
Desi and I took the younger kids to the pond to skip rocks on the ice and toss rocks and ice onto the frozen pond.  The sound of skipping rocks on a frozen pond is super fun!
The kids and I started work on assembling a paper castle for a school project.  The book was less than $10 and all you need is scissors and glue.  We're really enjoying this project :)
I'm still walking...not as often as in warm weather, but still a few times a week.  It's harder to find beautiful things to take photos of, but there is still beauty out there!
Our friend Alex came and stayed with us over the weekend.  We love his visits!  He helped Levi and Emma make armor and helmets.
On Monday, Owen and I finished Around The World In Eighty Days (such a FUN story!!) and Levi and Emma and I finished Adam of the Road.  It's such a pleasure to enjoy a good book together.
I bundled up and took Peterbilt on a long walk today.  Man, it was COLD but it felt good to get out!
Desi's dad has decided to go forward with radiation in Los Angels where they have dealt with his kind of tumor before.  They will stay up there for about 6.5 weeks starting in January.  Radiation will be 5 days a week.  We are praying it does what it's supposed to do and there are no averse side effects.  I think this is all weighing heavily on us as the future is really unknown.  But, we do know God and trust Him in this.  It's a real faith growing experience for sure. 2 Corinthians 12:9 has been an encouragement to us: "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."
And I stumbled upon this song on Facebook today which was super beautiful and encouraging: 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014~Week 49

Thanks the the indefatigable energy of our dog, I'm walking more often than I think I normally would in such cold weather.  But, I never regret going out.  It's a balm to my soul and gives strength and energy to my body!  It is also fun to try to find beauty in the dead late autumn.
Desi took me on a date last Wednesday.  We had dinner at The Lost Cajun and drinks after at Grind (in it's new location).  It was good to talk and reconnect after so much going on.
After an hour at Grind, we walked over the river and went to see the beautiful lights at Hotel Colorado.  I love that they decorate every year!
The kids got out "Jacob" the white Christmas tree that Levi bought at a yard sale for $5 a few years ago.  They LOVE this tree!
On Friday we went to a thrift shop and got some "ugly sweaters" for an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party we were invited to.  The kids had fun embellishing the sweaters to make them even more gaudy. 
The men...we made Desi's sweater for him...
The ladies...
The boys...
The girls...
Desi won in his division! 
After that we had a ROUSING White Elephant gift exchange.  The laughs alone were worth way more than the goofy and fun gifts that were opened, stolen and stolen again.
We had such a fun night!
Merry Christmas!
On Saturday we got to go to a baptism for Feed My Sheep, our local homeless ministry/house church.  It was beautiful!!!
The kids are doing SO MUCH BETTER with their attitudes for school this week.  The past few days have gone smoothly with reading, math, etc and lots of fun play.  Emma and Levi were inspired to make armor/crowns from our studies in the Middle Ages.
I don't think we're going to have a crazy snowy winter like we did last year...it's been sunny and in the 50's for awhile now!  At least the paths are clear for walking and jogging.  I took Peterbilt on a nice long jog today and I bet I'll be SORE tomorrow!  
Tonight we went to The Garden School's Christmas production.  It was a joy to see 2 small dramas, hear songs in latin and english and hear bible verse recitals and then sing some traditional Christmas carols together at the end.  A potluck cookie reception ended our night.  I'm bummed to not have snapped a family photo as we were all dressed pretty nice!  Hope even got a new dress for the occasion!
I leave you with the most recent update on Desi's dad.  ~Rose

Update: Dec. 9 at 9:30pm - God is good, all the time.
It's been a little bit of a busy week already and it's only Tuesday  Dad went back to the hospital to have his wound checked today. The neurosurgery nurse said that he is healing very well, so well that he was able to get his staples out today!! He is pretty excited about that.
Yesterday he met with the radiologist and it looks like he will be starting radiation in January. He will need 6 1/2 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week. There are still some details that need to be worked out, so please pray for wisdom with that.
Dad has been back at Calvary Murrieta a few days and he has loved seeing all the kids and staff again. All of the elementary students at CMCS wrote a prayer or drew a picture for my dad. These were such a blessing for him to see. All of the prayers, pictures, drawings, and banners have been so uplifting for us.
Please continue to pray for:
1. Wisdom as the final decisions and details about radiation still need to be made
2. That dad would have no damaging side effects from the radiation
3. That there would be no regrowth of the tumor

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014~Week 48

Neither cold temps or snow on the sidewalk will keep me from my walking!!!
I love Colorado's sunshine...
Isaiah 26:3 You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you: because he trusts in you.
Desi came home Wednesday night!!!!  We loved our cozy Thursday morning together in front of the fireplace.
Our table...I really don't like place mats! lol
We had such a lovely day with my parents and our friend Kevin who goes to our house church.  It was a relaxed day of food, football, fellowship, games, laughter, a walk and lots of dessert!  We have so much to be thankful for this year with Desi's dad healing so well from brain surgery and my parents living back in Colorado!
Playing cards after lunch....and sipping coffee...
I was most thankful for Desi coming HOME!!!!
Afternoon walk...
This photo is blurry...but too cute not to post.  This dog is a blessing in our lives.
We eschewed Black Friday shopping and chose instead to go on a long walk and explore the new pedestrian bridges and walking path to the Apple Tree neighborhood.  Turns out it is a 5.5 mile round trip!  The kids were tired at the end but had a lot of fun.
Winter is not technically here yet, but it sure is beautiful.
Animal tracks...
A view from across the river at Mt. Medaris, my beloved mountain.  The north side of it (not pictured) is snowy and muddy so I'll have to wait till spring to hike it again.
Hope's school is in Apple Tree.  It's such a cute little red building.
We convinced Owen to join us on a walk again on Saturday.  This time we just walked to the disc golf course to go sledding!
We decorated our tree on Saturday...it's so helpful to have older kids who can be such great helpers! The tree and decorations go up so FAST!
Since we had an odd month with Desi and me gone more than half the days of November, we were not able to take the kids out on individual dates.  We decided instead on a group date and took the kids to see Big Hero 6.  It was a great movie!  Better thank I thought it would be...I even teared up a little.  After the movie we got gas at City Market's gas station and with my 70cent discount I got gas for under $2 a gallon!!!! Crazy.  I don't know if that is a good or bad omen for our economy but I'm happy to get cheap gas!
Owen is so funny... pretending he really wants an Let's Rock Elmo!  ha ha
Hope had a short dance recital on Monday after school.  She's taken tap and musical theater dance for the past 12 weeks and have learned so much!
Bedhead cozied up with Owen...
My walk yesterday...there is one short dirt trail that is not muddy and it affords beautiful views of New Castle and beyond...
I leave you with the latest update about Des Sr. from Desi's sister.  Thanks for your love and prayers.
Update Dec. 2 at 2:00pm
My dad, Desmond Martin Starr got the call from Dr. Goldenberg with the pathology results. He said the tumor was an Atypical Meningioma. This means that it is NOT malignant! Praise God!!! However, it is the type that requires radiation. Dad will be meeting with Dr. Goldenberg at the end of the month to get more information on that.
He is feeling good now and still taking his walks everyday. His swelling has gone down so he is looking like himself again. Of course with the addition of a new fun haircut (the front half of his entire head shaved) and an impressive 58 staples!!
Our entire family has been so overwhelmed by all of your love and support for us during this time. Thank you so much, it has really been a big blessing to us! Please continue to partner with us in prayer for the following:
1. That there would be no regrowth of the tumor.
2. That radiation would go as smoothly as possible, and that dad would have no side effects from it.
3. Please pray that he will be able to go back to work very soon.