Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014~Week 27

Levi's copywork:

We visited the Rifle Animal Shelter over the weekend and had a lot of fun petting the cats and dogs there.  We are considering getting Emma a dog!
We all enjoyed a little snack at Sonic afterward.  It was such a blessing to have a nice family outing together with all 6 of us and no meltdowns or issues or anger or fights or annoyances!
Got to see my parent's plot in Lakota where they are hoping to have a house built!  This is about 10 minutes from our house and the view below is looking north.
Looking south:
Visiting the old cemetery in New Castle:
Bedhead loves to sleep on the top of the couch.
I'm getting into doodling and line drawing...
Hope painted this beautiful piece for school!  She used a photo for reference.
Taking kiddos to the grocery store...gotta park under the giant sign!!!
This friendly little hummingbird keeps visiting us and will hang out on our christmas lights and isn't afraid of us!  He's so so TINY!!!
We enjoyed making trihexaflexagons and hexahexaflexagons yesterday.
Micah, Betsy and Porter arrived today for a little visit and we are so happy to have them here!!!
Meeting Owen's bearded dragon :)
Thanks to all of you who prayed for us and for Owen over the past week.  We've had a MUCH better week with him.  Sleep is better and his attitude is better.  GOD hears us when we pray and He answers prayer!!!  I know this road we walk down with Owen is not the easiest and will have its up and downs but I'm so thankful we can cry out to God for help and He will answer and help us.  Praise God!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014~Week 36

Owen's copywork from last week.  His writing is beautiful!  As long as he can copy something, he does great.  If he has to pull words out of his brain onto paper, it's darn near impossible.
Emma reading to me on the porch...
Thursday was Hope's first day of 8th grade at The Garden School!  This will be her 3rd year there and it's the 18th year for The Garden School :)  We love being a part of this awesome community.
I brought Emma and Levi down to the River Center last week to meet a little neighbor kitty: Frida...she's super friendly and fun!
This photo turned out so sweet.  I love it!
My view most of the week...school is going well.  I school Owen separate from his siblings.  We use an audio book for history to save my voice a bit and for the most part he's doing well and is glad to not be learning alongside his siblings.  It is a sacrifice of time on my part but it's worth it at this point.  Iced coffee helps too...
The "unveiling" of the student art on Main Street took place before the Burning Mountain Days parade on Saturday morning.
Some of the artists near their work:
This is a new shop in town and we went in to check it out before the parade.  It's lovely!!!
The owner does all the refinishing herself and is super sweet.  I love that we have 2 new businesses in town!  
The parade was so fun :)  Small towns are wonderful.
Cross Fit...too funny...people exercising on the trailer and a guy pulling a jeep:
Don't Tread On Me!  2nd Amendment truck:
These nurses were dancing to fun music with their bedpans.  Hilarious! 
Got some great books at the used book sale at the library...less than $10!
Got to enjoy Feeding Giants (our friends Kevin and Aundrea) play on Saturday afternoon.
Desi and I hiked Colorow on Sunday morning.  It was SO beautiful and felt good to exercise as I've not been able to exercise as much with so much going on and some rainy weather.
My parents scored a free day at Lakota pool and treated us to a lovely sunny afternoon there on Sunday.  So relaxing!  Thanks Mom and Dad!
Checking out our way too big scoby from Kombucha we haven't touched in 2 months.  We're keeping a few small pieces and are going to start over as it turned to vinegar.
Tasting the scoby...eew!!!
A gift I made for a friend's birthday...I took a free line drawing class on Creativebug.com which was my inspiration for this piece.
Fun science today...blind smell tests: 
Today Levi enjoyed working on his phonics while we listened to birds fight over sunflower seeds in our garden while rain gently fell.  
Emma finished reading a book to me about gross animals and there was a fun recipe for "Owl Barf Balls" which she wanted to make.  She did a great job.  They were super tasty!
Owen's had a rough couple of days.  I'm not sure why as he's begun to sleep better at night after getting him a weight blanket.  It's been pretty draining and discouraging for me.  My parents are still living with us and things are just not normal right now but man, it's been a hard few days for him.  Pray for him.  We try to minimize as much as possible but will not allow him to be rude or mean or bossy to siblings and that is where the trouble is coming from.  As soon as I call him out on it, he feels attacked and goes into a tailspin.  Maybe I need to approach him differently about it but I'm extremely exhausted emotionally.  I have little energy to give to my family and we have missionary friends coming to stay with us soon that I really want to have energy to love on and serve them.  Thanks you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014~Week 35

Emma got brave and held a little snake that Levi caught at the beach.  I love my brave girl!
Levi and I had our date at McDonald's and enjoyed playing a rousing game of Labyrinth!
A few months ago our kids were invited to create some art for a public fence in town on Main St.  Miss Patty owns an art shop across the street from this fence and thought some young artwork would look so nice.  Hope drew the tree, Emma drew the striped one in the bottom right corner, Levi's is the little red one above it that I cut off with the photo!
On Saturday Desi and I left the kiddos home with my folks and we drove to Dillon, CO to meet up with friends of ours who are missionaries on furlough from New Zealand.  We enjoyed brunch and then time at a park and at the lake.  It was a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL late summer day in colorful Colorado!  Gah, Colorado is so gorgeous!
On Sunday morning we were blessed with a visit from Sarah and Lee Charles, some wonderful friends of ours in the Denver area.  We enjoyed going to their wedding last October.  We got to hear about their honeymoon and how newlywed life is going for them before they got back on the road and headed for Palisade.  Those Palisade peaches are incredibly tasty!!!
Later on Sunday afternoon we went to our favorite spot on the river and were joined by a bunch of friends and family for Hope's baptism!  Oh man, it was so beautiful to see Hope stand there and say she was ready to make a public confession of her faith and commit her life to follow God.  Desi shared a few words and then he and Hope entered the water and he baptized her!  We had a friend take a video that I'll post when I get it.  It was beautiful and we all rejoiced together at God's goodness!  Milestone in Hope's life for sure!  She's been growing in the grace and knowledge of God and it's a joy to see her walking with Him and moving into her own relationship with Him.
School has been going well...it's our 2nd official week and we're enjoying our studies...history, science, math, language arts, poetry and art as well as a lot of outdoor time while the weather is still nice!

Owen asked for veggie egg rolls for dinner so I had him go grocery shopping with me and then help me make dinner!  We had a fun time and everyone LOVES egg rolls for dinner :)
Hope, Emma and Levi joined me on an after dinner walk and we encountered the Scooby Doo van!
SO FUN!!!  Scooby and the gang must be in town to solve a mystery!  Ha ha :)