Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014~Week 16

What a lovely week we had! Wednesday was a fun day in which I got to join Vivian (I've adopted myself into her family) and her daughters and grand daughters for her birthday lunch at Thai Chili Bistro!  That evening our family went up to Vivian's ranch to see the baby horse (now named Sage Grace) and have dinner with the Kearns family.  We had such a great time!
Lego glasses!
Vivian's dog Obie loves a good hind scratch!
Owen's first time petting little Sage Grace!
My sweet girls with Vegas and Sage Grace
Our kids and Lily and Tianna enjoying the trampoline after dinner :)
Misty and me!  She recently returned from a trip to visit missionary friends in Uganda.  A friend of mine, Michaela, sent this beautiful bracelet for me!  So sweet :)
Grow where you are planted!!!
On Friday morning Levi and Emma and I drove to Grand Junction airport (it's so tiny!) and picked up my brother!!!!  We enjoyed some lunch and ran a few errands in Grand Junction before heading home.  That afternoon and evening he and Owen and Desi began putting the new PC together!!!
I enjoyed a quick hike on Saturday morning while the boys finished putting the computer together.
Getting it set up!  We have a cable connecting my parent's old tv on the left so we can use both screens when we use this new computer.
On Easter we left our house about 10:30 and were at the Price house (mostly their yard...it was so beautiful) until 9pm!!!!  We enjoyed a bountiful brunch with our church family and then gathered in the yard for a time of worship and word and sharing.  It was lovely.  The rest of the day was a time for a big egg hunt, fellowship, volleyball, hiking, shooting and after dinner we ended the evening with worship around the campfire (I played my ukulele!). We really REALLY enjoyed the day!
Hope took the following two photos...
Emma learning how to play Portal...it's a total mind bending game that I don't think I would have the patience for!  She really enjoyed it.
We got to Skype with my folks this afternoon...Mom and Dad were excited to see Jason and we enjoyed almost 2 hours of visiting!  Thank God for Skype!
We've had such nice weather lately that we've been dining on the porch :)  LOVE IT!  We are having a blast with Jason...he is finding his time here to be restful and encouraging.  I'm so glad he has about 5 more days here!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014~Week 15

Last Wednesday the boys helped Desi and I pick up two full loads of free wood from a friend in New Castle.  We folded down the back seats of the Jeep to fit it all....it's so much!  Now we need to borrow a chain saw and cut it all to fit in our wood burning stove.
Skate Park time!  I love that I can read my Kindle Paperwhite in sunshine with no glare!  One of the best purchases I've ever made. I use it daily.
We got to go to Miss Vivian's house on Wednesday to help groom her horses!  We had such a great time!!!
Giving the horses cookies :)
Obie is such a funny dog...
Our animal lover had such a great time!  Vegas, the horse on the right was super pregnant!  She ended up having her baby yesterday!  Pray for her though, as she did not pass the afterbirth for a long time and is at risk of serious infection :(  Baby is super tall and nursing well though.
On Thursday the girls and I went to see our friend Lily who had a part in Coal Ridge High School's production of The Sound Of Music.  She was wonderful!
We were super blessed to have the Rants family come stay with us over the weekend.  We've been friends for many years and were happy to celebrate the beginning of their new chapter of moving to Oregon!  While sad to say goodbye, we are super happy for them.

Eli, their 2 year old, was quite fun to play with!
Shannon and I got to go on a beautiful Thai food lunch date, thrift store shopping and coffee with lots and lots of talking and heart to heart time.  I have not had time with a friend like that in a long time...such a gift!
One of the "thrift" shops we went to...called First Class Trash or something like that...everything was SUPER expensive so I guess it was more like an antique shop :)
A beautiful little boutique on Grand Ave that I've always wanted to explore...
Shannon had some Jamberry nail wraps sent to our house for the girls and I to try.
Pretty fun!
Eli likes my ukulele :)
Games on a rainy Sunday...despite Owen's face, he had fun playing Ticket to Ride with us :)
Such a joy to see our children play together!!!
More games!!
Recently we got the chess set out and we've been playing quite a bit the past few days!
I lose to Owen every time.  But his shirt is pretty funny...it's like I'm playing chess with Grumpy Cat in this photo!  Ha ha!
My new book!  Going to read it and read some with the kiddos...
We got to go see Vegas's baby girl yesterday!  She was only about 5 hours old!  Such a sweet baby horse!
The boys playing speed chess (a 6 minute game via the timer).  They were so funny.

Owen bought himself a little mailbox at a neighbor's yard sale on Saturday and spray painted it white and then decorated it.  Desi helped him attach it to the wall just outside Owen's bedroom door.  He told Desi that he wanted it so that his family could give him gifts and leave things for him!  Ha ha!  What a sweet boy.  I've already left him a note and piece of chocolate :)
It's been a lovely week with some challenges, tears and even snow, but overall, just lovely.