Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014~Week 43

Last week we took Peterbilt to the dog park that my mom had recently discovered in Glenwood Springs.  There are some old unused train tracks along a walk/bike path that lead to the park...
The park is huge...must be close to a football field size, with all sorts of objects like rocks and pipes to climb on and run through.
Peterbilt had a blast running around!
Autumn continues to shower us with beauty...
Everyday when I walk I hunt for more of the glorious colors...
Desi took me on a date Friday night to Glenwood Springs High School to watch them play Rifle High School in the last of the home football games for Glenwood.  It was so fun!  Great people watching...all ages were there and fun to cheer for the home team :)  The rivalry between Glenwood and Rifle has been going on for more than 40 years!
Back to the dog park on Saturday.  This time we brought Owen!  Hope was at a friend's house.
The kids found a new use for their pumpkins that were getting old...target practice!  Brilliant idea.
Carving targets on a beautiful afternoon...
The trampoline has been such a great addition to our lives!  Look!  Owen is out of the house and exercising!  ha ha :)
More beauty:
Back to the dog park again on Monday...we had to meet up with my parents to run an errand and then we took mom to the dog park and then we all went down to the Roaring Fork River (it spills into the Colorado River at Two Rivers Park in Glenwood Springs).
And yet ANOTHER use for our pumpkins...launching them off the ramp onto the little trampoline!  The kids had so much fun with this and launched their pumpkins multiple times :)
Today, Hope and I got to go on an awesome field trip to the Hanging Lake Tunnel in Glenwood canyon with the Garden School!!!  IT was so interesting and we learning a ton. There is SO MUCH that goes on there that we had no idea about.  It's a huge building in the mountain and the CDOT employees do all sorts of things to keep the public and I70 safe.  Check out this great article for more info.  It's really amazing what they do!  Our group had 3 cars and we got to park in this garage in the middle of the tunnel!! So cool!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014~Week 42

Desi's parents blessed us all with a day at the hot springs pool on Wednesday.  We packed a lunch and had so much fun!  The kids did some laps with Jan and she was thrilled to see other lap swimmers using a mask and snorkel...something no one else does at the pool she swims at in Temecula!  We enjoyed the deep end (12 ft) and the diving board and the hot 104 degree pool :)  Such a fun day!!!
Morning Medaris hike...looking down I70 to the west...
I am loving my hikes and walks in this beautiful season.  Last year it got cold and wet and frozen so early that we did not have much of an autumn.  This year we are having a real autumn and I can't stop taking photos!!!
Osage Gardens Pumpkin Patch on Friday afternoon!!!
Sweet farm kittens!!!
Hay bale maze...I don't want to brag or anything but my kids were really good at this maze!  ha ha :)  They are getting so big they could see over the walls!  I do not have little kids anymore.
Hula Hoopin' with Grandma Jan :)
Weighing punkins (as Grandpa calls them) before purchase...the kids enjoyed figuring out how to use the old fashioned scale.
Thank you Grandpa Des for the pumpkins!!!
Hard at work...carving away...
Levi's Puss In Boots pumpkin:
Emma's Lumpy Space Princess pumpkin:
Owen's cat in a window pumpkin:
Hope's Triforce pumpkin (it's a Zelda thing):
We were sad to say goodbye to Des and Jan Saturday night (they left at 4am on Saturday).  It was such a wonderful visit.  No ice for Jan to break ribs on like last October!  Thank you Des and Jan for treating us to so many fun experiences and blessing us with cleaning up the yard and doing some fix it projects!!!  What a gift your help was!!!!

Saturday morning cuddles:
Saturday morning walk...
My date with Owen...chocoflan dessert!
Desi's date with Emma: walking around 2 Rivers Park with Peterbilt:
Nice photo Desi!  I wonder what else is in that dog besides Boxer?!
Hope talked her younger siblings into dressing up as knights and going to the park for a battle so she could write about it for school...Hilarious and Super Creative!  These kids are awesome.
Beautiful neighborhood!
My walk this morning:
This adorable and friendly cat lives about 4 houses down from us and greets us almost every time we walk by.  Such a cutie pie!
Peterbilt waits while Emma plays with the kitten...
I made one of Owen's favorite dinners: veggie egg rolls.  Super easy and tasty!!!  And in the background you can see the kids have been watching The Munsters on Netflix...it's a pretty fun show!
Hope had such an awesome field trip for her science class today...first they went to a farm and learned about growing and harvesting potatoes.  They harvested some by hand (labor intensive!!!) and watched 2 men use a machine to harvest some.  Hope loved visiting the little family farm.  Then they got to meet the head engineer and manager of the pedestrian bridge project in town.  The kids got to go into the first part of the 3 bridges that will be installed and ask the engineer lots of questions.  Man, what a COOL field trip!!! Hope loved it so much.  The Garden School is wonderful!!!
The potatoes Hope got to bring home from the farm she visited today:
It was another great week!!!  We are back to plugging away at school (going to finish our 1st trimester right before Thanksgiving) and are enjoying the trampoline and lots of walks and hikes in this beautiful autumn weather.  Praise God!