Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014~Week 39

My sweet kiddos have been getting along and playing together so well lately!  Knock on wood!  lol  Here they are playing Compatibility.  They were so fun to listen to as they played.
Peterbilt's first dip in the river...
Walking the River Park loop...
With Autumn rolling in I decided to take the 3 younger kiddos (and the dog) to Maroon Bells last Wednesday.  They did not join us the week before and I knew they'd like the trip (and a day off school).  We had such a fun time (minus the 5 minute freak out when we arrived and they saw how crowded it was...which they eventually got over).  The golden colors had spread to so many more trees in just one week!  The hillside to the right of Em in the photo below was mostly green a week ago...
Isn't that photo above just adorable?!  Melt my heart why don't you!
The kids loved spending time exploring around the lake before lunch.
Picnic at the same spot as last week...but with golden trees surrounding us!
We enjoyed a short hike along the creek...
Levi is really coming along in his reading :)
Fun history and Shakespeare to read aloud!
Science fun (a total repeat of a past experiment but they loved it):
After dinner walks...two nights in a row!  WOO HOO!
A Saturday morning hike on Colorow...just me and my bodyguard:
A beautiful tree Hope and I saw on a walk on Sunday...
Monday morning walk...it was COLD!!!
Elk Creek:
Owen and I started the first fire of the season on Monday...it was 62 in our house so we felt justified in starting a fire.  We kept it going for about an hour...it felt SO GOOD!  COZY!!
Owen joined me on a River Park walk this afternoon after dropping Hope off at her Tuesday science class :)  What a handsome son he is...even with that long hair!  And the dog is pretty cute. 
Desi is out of town visiting old ministry friends and partners in Nashville and Cincinnati...he left Sunday and will get back to Colorado on Thursday but not back to us till Friday.  We miss him but are doing well with school and life despite his absence.  Truly God's grace!!!  I've really been enjoying our children lately...watching them...listening to them...talking with them and walking with them.  While this season (older kids) is not all peaches and cream, it surely does have some sweetness to it.  Thank You Jesus!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014~Week 38

Monday through Thursday's Moravian Gathering.  We meet from 8 to 9am and have a time of worship, prayer, Bible reading, listening prayer and sharing.  Last Wednesday we were blessed to have Micah, Betsy and Porter join us!
Porter liked the kitties!
We packed a lunch and Hope, Desi and myself, along with the DeKorne family went to Maroon Bells near Aspen, CO.  Only Micah had been before.  It was breathtakingly beautiful!!!!
Seriously, one of the most beautiful places ever and the aspen trees were gorgeous!
Our picnic spot:
Tenzi fun!
Wits and Wagers on game night!
Thursday: Sweet Coloradough for donuts and coffee!
Thursday afternoon dip in the river:
Micah, Emma and Levi swam to cool off from our quite warm September weather!
Emma caught a super tiny (hardly bigger than a quarter) lizard Thursday night.
After work on Friday morning I took the DeKornes (and 3 of my kiddos) up to Hanging Lake.  It was Levi and the DeKornes first trip!
I was SO PROUD of Levi!!!  He's been afraid of hiking and heights for a few years now and he did so well!  It's 1.2 miles with a 1,000 foot elevation gain!  Whoa! 
We were sad to say goodbye to Micah, Betsy and Porter on Saturday morning.  They are missionaries with World Venture, home on furlough and partner development.  They have to come to Colorado at least one more time for training (World Venture is headquartered in Littleton) so we'll see them again this Nov or Dec.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Rifle animal shelter and met a very kind dog named Peterbilt!  We took him for a walk...
...and then took him home!  We adopted him!  He's officially Emma's dog but I'll be taking him hiking and walking...I've been feeling the need for a dog so I'm not alone hiking anymore.
Peterbilt came with me on Medaris on Sunday and did really well!
We've been thinking about a dog for many reasons...one of which was to motivate us to get out and walk more!  The kids really enjoy taking Peterbilt for walks :)
Kids playing Compability...a game Desi and I played with Micah and Betsy bunches back in our Denver days (and here in New Castle).  Our kids really enjoyed playing!
River Park!!
It's been a busy week but a good one.  My parents had to get a hotel room for a few days while Micah and Betsy were here but then on Saturday they moved into a rental in Glenwood Springs :)  We are getting used to the new dog and are enjoying having our house get back into the routine of school.  We welcome Autumn and it's beauty and cooler weather and look forward to more hiking and outdoor time before winter sets in.  Lord willing we will have a long and lovely Autumn!  Owen continues to do well this week despite the change in routine.  Thanks again for the prayers for him!

Another new thing is that we got a bigger tv and are hosting Bronco game day get togethers!  It's been fun to have friends over, eat together, enjoy the game and fellowship.  

Hope is doing well with her 3rd year at The Garden School and I've been taking her on Thursdays and will join her for Chapel a few times a month.  Desi takes her on Mondays and leads the boy's devotional time from 8:30 to 9am.