Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2014~Week 30

Our busy week ended on Friday with the River Center's annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction fund raiser.  We really enjoyed our time and bid on a few silent auction items.  We won a photography session with a local photographer (who happens to be a friend) and look forward to some new family portraits this autumn!  

Pictured below is Levi's last day with long hair.  When we got home Friday night I gave Levi a hair cut.  He had asked for it saying he was tired of people thinking he's a girl.  I told him that he doesn't look like a girl but he still wanted his hair cut!  Well, I gave him a great cut but he didn't like it!  Saturday morning he was in TEARS over it!  My heart felt so bad :(  But...he eventually got over it and got used to it (it was a drastic change) and he likes it now!  Hooray!
Hope and I ran a 5K on Saturday morning!!!!  We were both stoked to finish in under 30 minutes.  It was a fun goal I had set for myself in early June and felt so good to accomplish it!
Sunday morning Desi and I were blessed with in home massages thanks to our dear friends who gave us this gift for our birthdays back in May. After that we headed to Silt to celebrate Tim Kearns' birthday at Vivian's ranch.  We had such a blast!  There was an awesome slip n slide, pool, volleyball, slack line, horse back riding, horse shoes, utv rides (Hope even got to drive it), music and FOOD!  Super fun day.
Not the best picture...but you can see Levi's hair cut below...it's still long on top and looks great!
Sage, Vivian's filly is super cute and growing SO FAST!  
She's changing color!  She's going from a golden brown to white!  Man, I love petting her and hanging out with her.  My first horse friend :)
Gift time!  These kids all love "Uncle Tim" so much!
There were two games of volleyball that were a riot to watch!  I so love summer parties!!!
On Monday we did our reading and then headed to the river to soak up some sunshine and water fun before the rain arrived.  We had a great time and Emma got to do the "long" float with Desi for the first time.  It's probably about 140 yards or so.  I went a few times with them and so did Hope.  We sure love this park and sweet sandy beach access to the river!  Great way to beat the heat and have fun in the sun.
Last night and today we've had RAIN and cool temps!  Hooray!  It's been so nice.  I can't believe how fast summer is passing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014~Week 29

Wednesday was our last day with the DeKornes.  We hated to say goodbye but had to get home to our kiddos!  We had such a great time with Micah, Betsy and Porter at World Venture!!!
A huge thanks goes out to Alex who had a great few days with our kids at home while we were in Littleton!!!  What a blessing!
Thursday morning hike!  I love the views from Medaris trail.
Took Levi, Emma, Owen and 3 friends to the River Park Friday afternoon...they had a blast swimming in the river and catching frogs in the pond.
Over the weekend we had a bunch of people from the front range join us for a weekend of prayer, worship and fellowship.  We had a gathering at the Price house Friday night and it was such an awesome time!
Saturday we had a time of worship and discussion and prayer at the River Center in the morning.
The group broke up and some went fishing and others came hiking with us :)  So fun!
Sunday we had an awesome all gathering at the River Center in the morning and then Music & Movie Night at Burning Mtn Park that evening.  Feeding Giants played and then we watched Despicable Me 2.  We had a bunch of families and people come out to the park and River Center gave away free food and drinks.  It was such a fun night!
Today we got to help get pea gravel into the community garden at the River Center.  We have a team of mostly teens here from Oklahoma for a missions week.  Fun!
I took our kids (minus Owen) and two of their friends to the River this afternoon to swim...and I joined them!  We had so much fun jumping in and riding the river to the beach :)  Desi came for a bit and he and I floated a longer stretch of the river.  It's a fantastic way to beat the summer heat.
P.S. My parents are moving back to New Castle next month!  They had a great adventure but the heat and humidity, among other things, were a big factor in their decision to come back to the states!  I honestly didn't think they'd come back so this is very happy news!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July Newsletter

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~Rose & Co.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014~Week 28

We got a new couch!  I've been jonesing for a new or different couch lately as our old one was not comfortable to sit on!  I found a couple I liked at the local furniture store but they were pricey!!!  Desi got on Craig's List and found a beautiful, 6 month old couch for a fraction of the cost of the new couches I was looking at!  Thanks to Chase for helping us pick it up and get it in the house...it's heavy as it's got recliners on each end.    
Emma's cat:
We enjoy going to the River Park after dinner and tend to meet the nicest dogs and people.  This little guy was so cute!!!
These two were busy builders the other day...
Looking at a new family album...
I love walking/jogging our town!
Hope got back from Student Life summer camp in Durango last Friday.  She had an awesome time and would love to go again.
After dinner that day Hope and I walked the town and she told me all about camp.  I love walking and talking with her :)
The sunflower jungle continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day!
Last Sunday Desi and I drove down to Littleton to meet up with Micah and Betsy DeKorne who asked us to be their mentor couple.  They have recently been appointed as missionaries with World Venture and one requirement is to have a mentor couple.  We LOVED our time with them...especially with their son Porter whom we met for the first time!!!  We learned a lot and World Venture treated us super well while we were there for 3.5 days.
On Monday all the new appointees shared about themselves and why and where they are going as missionaries at a Celebration Service.  Man, it was so awesome to be there and see people filled with passion to go out and reach a lost world with God's love!!  Micah and Betsy nailed their 3 minute presentation and now have a great tool to use as they share their story.
Cheryl is one of the lovely ladies who will help Micah and Betsy with all they need to do to get back to Uganda.  She was so sweet and we loved meeting her and learning from her.
World Venture took all the appointees and their mentors out to eat on Monday night.  YUMMY!!!
Alex Malaska who used to live with us back in Denver came up to New Castle to take care of our kids.  He and the kids had a wonderful time together.  What a blessing!